Numberplates Ts & Cs

DVLA Legislation
A UK vehicle number plate must be displayed at the front and rear of motor vehicles, must be easy to read and meet the British Standard. Lettering should be black on a white plate at the front and black on yellow at the rear. The background surface should be retro-reflecting but the characters must not and spacing must be of a set size.
Number plates fitted after the 1st September 2001 must display characters that meet the following dimensions:
Height 79mm
Width 50mm
Space between Characters 11mm
Space between Groups 33mm
Certain imported vehicles may be permitted to display number plates with smaller characters if:
The vehicle does not have European Community whole vehicle type approval AND the vehicles construction / design cannot accommodate standard size number plates.
All motorcycles and tricycles must display a number plate at the rear of the vehicle. If you have a two or three wheeled motorcycle or tricycle that has a body type of a four-wheeled vehicle, you MUST display a number plate at the front and rear. The characters may be smaller:
Height 64mm
Width 44mm
Space between Characters 10mm
Space between Groups 30mm
Motorcycles registered on or after 1st September 2001 must display a two-line number plate. Motorcycles registered prior to this may display a three-line number plate, but one-line number plates are illegal, irrespective of the date of registration.
From 1st September 2001 all new number plates must display the mandatory font.